Maps, graphs, and other work

  • Shadows and Textures

    Sometimes it’s time to make a map for fun. I was trying to generate some decent vector shapes to approximate a hillshade effect with TopoJSON on a d3.js map, but they turned out like crap.

  • US Cities with Population over 1000

    According to the GeoNames database, there are over 16,000 places in the United States with populations over 1000. This map’s purpose was primarily data exploration and to gain an understanding of the overall city distribution.

  • D3 Globe and Cities

    I wanted to explore alternative cartographic techniques available in d3.js versus Leaflet. I thought it was fun to render the map with the 23 degrees of polar tilt.

  • Azavea Floorplan

    We moved offices to this huge space with a ton of meeting rooms. I made this map to help us all figure out where we were meeting. The neat part was extracting the floor plan from a PDF document and generating tiles.

  • Bicycle Commuters and County Obesity

    We’ve got data about the percentage of bicycle commuters by city. We’ve got data about obesity rates by county. What do they look like in one map? Definitely a pattern.

  • NYC Noise Complaints

    This was for a cartography competition (I didn’t win). In QGIS, I made a kernel density of overall NYC noise complaints of a certain type. I extracted contour lines from the density data, and applied this neat technique I’d seen recently.

  • NLCD Tiles

    The GeoTrellis team put these NLCD tiles up online, and I wanted to look at them! Combined with at base map that includes hillshade, for additional context.

  • Colorado Vacation

    We went to Colorado for vacation! Here’s where, over the MapBox outdoors base map.

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